Special women, part saints part warriors. Gareth Pugh’s heroines strode the catwalk comfortably dressed in sculptural clothes that harked back to the decadence of the Roman Empire. Volume is imperative and geometry is an elegant obsession for the British designer who has theatre in his dna. Black was resplendent in gold mosaics set into dresses, jackets and cassocks, which later gave way to divinities enveloped in purple or white transparencies. The sharp lines of a milk white suit were softened by a sculpted amethyst drape. The rigour of some of the shapes looked to Japan and its kimono, but here they were given deep V necklines and sharp, never banal, cuts. Ecru met black in an ethnic yet futuristic mix: metropolitan uniforms for a walk in the lunar desert, where even the stripes on sundresses had a regal air.