Gareth Pugh put on a proper show at Freemason’s Hall in Covent Garden, opening his collection with Marie-Agnès Gillot, a star ballerina of the Paris Opera Ballet who then presided over the runway from a throne onstage, flanked by two male attendants. The show was all about the power, no, the authority of women, the ones that wear the trousers, such as Hillary Clinton who really wears them in every sense. Camel coats and cloaks were paired with matching flared trousers, career woman’s suits with a nipped-waist jacket and pencil skirt, tough leather pieces accompanied by an unsettling Hannibal Lecter mask. ‘Flag’ outfits in electric blue with white stars were symbolic, as were the maxi shoulders on the jackets and suits, because you need broad shoulders to have authority in a man’s world.