Gabriele Colangelo chose colour. Electric blue, ultramarine, cobalt, indigo and cerulean. His minimal aesthetic was oriented towards pigment, harmoniously teaming rigour and artistic experimentation. He drew inspiration from a painting technique called pliage. Created by artist Simon Hantaï, it involves pleating the canvas before painting it to produce a three-dimensional texture. The designer used it to produce very abstract motifs and haphazard geometry. The randomness of the colour was a sign of uniqueness and authenticity. A cotton suit revealed the elegance of the painted weaves and the different shades of colour. Chiffon dresses were finely pleated yet retained a feminine, breezy look. Obi belts cinched the waist. Shirts and blazers came in very refined shapes. Flashes of gold appeared on dresses and double-breasted coats. Trenches highlighted the power of monochrome in mint, stone, and midnight blue.