Gabriele Colangelo adopted certain tropes such as “fashion fades, only style remains the same” or “elegance is not about getting noticed, but being remembered”. His woman is simple and extremely wealthy, but she is not ostentatious about luxury. Everyday clothes were embellished with fur – featured throughout this collection on clothes and accessories: as a stole, apron, collar, bodice, and, obviously, as a coat, in mink, fox, sheepskin and astrakhan. The colours were also minimal. A white shirt with loose, round sleeves later appeared as a dress and a sleeveless top and loose trousers. Wool and pinstripe came in blue, grey, black and forest green, at times used together. Few surprises but plenty of discretion for the georgette and tulle transparencies, the silk dresses and jackets, skirts and patent coats. Sparkle came in the form of metallic glass beads decorating the felt skirts and long gilets.