A creature out of a dream or a nightmare, angelic and unsettling at the same time, lost somewhere between romanticism and disenchantment, though always dream-like and evanescent. This was the woman that Francesco Scognamiglio dressed in ethereal ruffles and metallic bombers. Despite the contrasts, there was a synergy running through the collection, a dialogue between delicacy and perdition, freedom and decadence. Mini-dresses were soft and coated in antique pink with chaste buttoning or deep necklines. White mid-calf length dresses were decorated with black lace. Leather was worn, metallic, sculpted into ruches, flounces or silver pleats. Prints placed on sweatshirts depicted night-time kisses, while on silks they featured exotic palm trees and tropical flowers. White polka dots were used on a black background, while round perforations on lurex surfaces revealed the skin. The colour palette included pastels and metallic tints from pink to bronze, white to black.