A rococo style for everyday wear in an opulent yet sporty collection. This is what Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Venturini Fendi designed for Fendi, managing to find balance between the track and Versailles. Alongside floral patterns inspired by French gardens there were plenty of fine or wider vertical and horizontal stripes on wide trousers narrow at the ankle with big pockets worn with sporty mini sweaters. Pastel colours, with a clear preference for shades of pink, were reminiscent of lingerie and nightwear with transparencies, embroidery and airy fabrics such as organza, tulle and chiffon. Waistlines were elasticated as in sportswear but also cinched with bows and sleeves were voluminous. What at first resembled skirts were actually aprons added on top of the outfits. Gold dazzled in jacquard fabrics and embroidery, embellishing even the most classic trench.