Dolce & Gabbana’s infatuation for Millennials, which began a few seasons ago, continued in this latest show featuring an army of twenty-somethings (and even younger) wearing every kind of clothing possible, from formal to sporty to streetwear, with the nonchalance they implement so successfully in their everyday and virtual lives. The show opened with tailored suits, and some pyjamas, in silk and bold metallic colours, but streetwear soon followed: fluid short-sleeved shirts and T-shirts worn with patterned cigarette pants, comfortable bermuda shorts or sporty leggings, sweatshirts with or without a hood, branded and/or printed bombers, crew neck knits tucked into track pants, baseball blousons and embroidered polo shirts. Everything was dominated by playing card motifs, with a preference for the king of hearts, perhaps because these young men believe they can take over the world just like the ancient rulers did.