This round of shows has been particularly full of adolescents and younger men in general. Kris Van Assche could not withstand the irresistible charm of youth, so Dior Homme showcased a collection that had the brand’s DNA, with references to the Bar jacket and floral motifs, but also offered garments and combinations to catch the new generation’s eye. Aside from being worn with sneakers, the tailored suit was made up of mainly sleeveless, slim blazers with ‘promotional’ plaques and rosettes bearing the brand’s address, 3 Rue Matignon, applied or hung on lapels and/or sleeves, while a ribbon with the same lettering was used to trim formal and casual jackets. Long trousers were alternated with ultra-short shorts that almost disappeared under a blazer, while many other pieces, such as gilets, sweatshirts and sleeveless T-shirts, came in the college style with stripes and sporty symbols.