Sensuality is not necessarily always about how much you reveal, according to Ennio Capasa who for Costume National imagined a sinuous and feminine, though well buttoned-up, woman. The spotlight here was on the personality and charm of soft clothes, military coats and jackets, sheepskin, velvet pyjamas, and below the knee skirts. A few bare shoulders and timid transparencies gave a less rigorous dimension, along with ruches that gave a romantic touch to dresses and multi-layered looks. There were few colours and graphics in the collection: plenty of shades of purple bordering on blue, black and green formed a colour pairing and red appeared in all its splendour on velvet and silk. Maybe that is why a green lurex coat made such an impression, although there were other little points of light in the outerwear, on the buttons running down trouser legs or in the lamé of the evening dresses.