A carefree girl walking barefoot on the shores of a tropical beach. Karl Lagerfeld’s Chanel show sur la plage created the illusion of being on a beach in central Paris, confirming many designers’ desire for escape towards exotic paradises. This perfectly on-trend theme resulted in clothes, details and accessories that nodded cleverly to pop culture and the new generations, which Lagerfeld seems to know very well. The ’80s were represented with oversize tweed jackets and suits, which this girl loves to steal from her mother’s wardrobe and then pairs with black leggings or cycling shorts. Logos were reiterated on belts, straw hats, necklaces, bracelets and chains, but also on the clothes themselves, as on the cropped white shirt worn by Kaia Gerber. There were also bikinis and swimsuits, colourful sundresses and beach bags, denim and fingerless gloves. In short, the whole Chanel universe and that’s just fine for that carefree girl.