Burberry is not only revolutionising the market, by selling its collection at the end of the show, but also its history. Christopher Bailey, who drew inspiration from sculptor Henry Moore, took the brand’s classics and breathed new life into them. Bailey took apart and reassembled trenches, shirts and jumpers. Dimensions were irregular, like the enormous sleeves on short capes or the enormous ruches embellishing dresses. Oversize shirts became dresses to hide in and pair with a classic grey sweatshirt decorated with prints or embellishments. Asymmetry was a constant feature, though sometimes it was imperceptible: take the buttoning on a blazer or the lapels on the overcoats. White was the predominant colour and shone on lace and cable knit jumpers; stripes came in various styles; indigo was the season’s colour while the prints came from Moore. In this surprising collection, every garment gave another point of view.