Burberry is a tempest. Riccardo Tisci’s winter was imbued with the contrasts in British culture and weather. So it was a changeable collection in many different shades – rebellious and bon-ton at the same time. Biker jackets, mini-dresses, nineties lingerie dresses and rubber sneakers alternated with more classic looks, such as dresses with nipped waist, pleated skirts, pencil skirts, printed shirts, fringes and hand-applied crystals. Street culture and sophisticated allure went hand in hand on the runway, in shades of cream, beige, white and black with injections of intense pistachio, orange, red and blue. The brand’s vintage prints were reworked and enriched with nautical references, marine landscapes, oysters and ropes. Feathers, floral sculptures and golden encrustations embellished the looks. Shearling, faux fur coats, destructured trenches, precious car coats, wool and cashmere pieces protected against cold winds and sudden weather changes.