There are no boundaries between street style and tailored clothes. This according to Brunello Cucinelli, who imagined a “street style couture” for everyday living that mixed luxury and informality. Femininity was not sacrificed despite a few incursions into menswear. Jackets, in different fabrics such as wool, herringbone and pinstripe, had regular lines and applied details, were teamed with soft, cropped, oversize, extra-large trousers or track pants with drawstrings. Skirts were dreamy, floor-length and voluminous, or else pencil shaped. Stripes were a constant feature, of any thickness. Fur or raffia effect yarns, various qualities of cotton and mohair gauze were used for the knitwear. Jeans and bombers, shirts and t-shirts consolidated the casual mood, creating the essential pieces for completing an outfit. The colours favoured natural tones reminiscent of sand and earth.