Brunello Cucinelli’s collection paid homage to the unique piece, craftsmanship skill, detail, and Italian craft. The care taken with materials, fibres, cashmere and mohair. An alchemy of textures and colours, an unconventional vision that brought together the legacy of tradition and opened it up to innovation. Velvet was soft, rich, corduroy, smooth, metallic, or opalescent. Surfaces came in softly reflective shades of antique pink, burgundy, sky blue and powder blue. For day and evening wear, in high-waist trousers, blazers, suits and sophisticated jumpsuits. Prince of Wales, tartan, lace and leather were combined in harmonious ways. Knitwear was the strong point of the collection. It came in intarsia clusters of different yarns, illuminated by sequins like bright lunar trails. Mesh effects, fur stitches, fringes and stripes played in a contemporary folk atmosphere.