Ingo Wilts for Boss showcased deluxe casual urban style that mixed nautical with workwear without sacrificing tailoring, with relaxed single and double-breasted jackets worn with cotton grandad shirts and trousers or shorts, with high waist and darts and a hem that tightened over the sneakers. The rest of the looks ranged from utilitarian overalls with visible stitching to collarless, hooded trenches and overcoats worn over funnel necks and T-shirts tucked into soft bermuda shorts or trousers, while some of the glossy technical jackets turned out to be made of leather. Some pieces featured the latitude and longitude of the Boss store in Columbus Circle, while others, including accessories such as fishermen’s hats, neck scarves and belts, were stamped with ‘H-B-N-Y’ – all these details made the clothes suitable for a crew member ready to set sail for elite destinations.