The multicultural talent of Bobby Kolade, born in Sudan by a German father and Nigerian mother, is best expressed when the traditions of the south of the world meet the sporty urban style often offered up in the classic mix of a city such as Berlin. His latest collection is a summary of this hybrid that comes out of observing the microcosm of the district where the designer lives and works; the long asymmetric coats are an example of it – one side is monochrome and mimics the classic tailored blazer, while the other comes in bold African motifs and is worn like a cape. The mannish element is another recurring theme of the show: there were several double-breasted jacket and trouser combos and the shirts, some in the form of a dress, were worn with sheer or flared skirts made of contrasting chiffon and satin bands, or with track pants that revealed the sporty side to Kolade.