“I think it’s really important to mention that so much of the beauty of Paris is in its history, and its history is not only what we call French”. Olivier Rousteing has a point. In each of his collections, he blends part of the French capital’s identity with other influences and this time he looked to Egypt. The clothes on the runway had all the assertive tailoring, such as the broad-shouldered jackets, and the customary craftsmanship and complexity of Balmain, but they also featured Egyptian elements such as Cleopatra-style beaten-metal bodices, jeans, dresses and ‘mummy’ tops made from muslin strips draped around the body. Pyramids were recalled in Plexiglas panels of different colours, triple organza was stiffened and pleated to create shapes around the body or the shoulder in the style of ancient Egyptian dress, while tops and skirts were inscribed with white hieroglyphs. It was a powerful collection that showcased the historical and cultural value of both France and Egypt, and of the Emperors and Pharaohs of old.