Fearless and adventurous. Bally’s woman immersed herself in “refinement in bold”. The outfits all had a certain weight due mainly to the choice of colours that had a strong personality emphasised by jersey. The atmosphere harked back to a slightly funky era between the ’60s and ’70s. The flared trousers, circle skirts and mini-dresses came in shades of ochre yellow, cherry red and hazelnut brown. A pleated jacket with wide-leg pressed trousers were in chewing-gum pink. Alongside the heaviness of the materials, there were also satin shirts and a metallic gold cassock resembling sweet wrappers. There were no patterns, but the outfits gained in mesh, visible stitching, cut-outs on knits and distorted fastenings. A soft coat came in plush toy colours for cooler weather.