Au jour le jour’s presentation had an Eighties feel: accentuated shoulders, glossy decorated mini-dresses, sequinned fabrics. Mirko Fontana and Diego Marquez were inspired by Italian variety and evening TV shows. This produced a sparkling, hyper-feminine collection with cocktail and dancing dresses ramped up to the max. Big ruffles embellished the shoulders, emphasising the volumes like sculptures. Asymmetry played with draping. A plain black sheath had large flower-shaped brooches and a fuchsia drape highlighting one shoulder. The dresses were embellished with lots of metallic decorations, dyed synthetic feathers, silver encrustations, fan-shaped embroidery and sequins. Taffeta, satin, georgette and lurex made up the broad range of materials, while tropical prints with a pop style included parrots and exotic animals, fish, panthers and palm fronds. The palette was pink, emerald, crimson and silver.