The Au jour le jour woman is irreverent and glamorous, affirming her personality while singing “Everything is wrong”. She dressed in Valenciennes lace, light tulle, silk and satin organza with cracklé patent touches. Mini-dresses sparkled with sequins, crystal chains, jewelled embroidery and bows of all sizes. Ultralight dresses with tiny plexiglas fringes played with light and reflections. Disco exerted an influence here. Loose blazers and fur coats came in lilac hues. Some fun was had with volume. Shapes were amplified and destructured. Proportions were messed with: jeans had an exaggeratedly high waist, gilets and T-shirts had defined shoulders, necklines were deep. Warm knitwear was knitted with plumetis effects in neon tints. This was femininity injected with an urban spirit, as seen in the nocturnal shades and unexpected lights of ice, pink, crimson and lime.