Variations on the shirt theme for Aquilano and Rimondi. The duo had fun pulling apart a certain type of ‘90s formal wear. Masculine elements were converted into extremely feminine, sensual pieces, such as the skirts with buttons up the split or the shirts turned into something new. These pieces were not just borrowed from the husband’s wardrobe; they had exaggeratedly long sleeves, no collars and were low cut or reconstructed in a one-shoulder version. Suits featured slim or loose trousers while the jacket was soft and generous, with three-quarter sleeves and shorter than the shirt. White dominated over grey or blue pinstripes or come in total looks. Colour arrived for the evening: various shades of red and orange were used for sleeveless knee-length or handkerchief hem dresses, while glossy blue appeared on loose belted trousers or an iridescent sheath.