Clothes that give a voice to past lives, which cut across the years and memories to reach us. The show referenced a story of exile and silence, the tale of Romanework, daughter of the Negus of Ethiopia, who was married to a commander of the Ethiopian resistance and exiled by Mussolini to the island of Asinara. Antonio Marras dressed a woodland, elegant, emotional and sylvan woman. She is the silent inhabitant of a foreign, arid, uninhabited land. Regal and nostalgic, she dresses in deconstructed parkas covered with feathers. She opts for dark green clothes in a mix of lace, intarsia, floral damasks, tulle camouflage, ruches, fringes, dappled prints, python, and waist-cinching belts. Her minute embroidery is reminiscent of the distant past. She crosses the forest, gathers ferns, leaves, butterflies and rests them on her head, on unusual, eccentric hats. She loves the colours of the pine forest and the stones – white, black and pastel yellow.