The subtle relationship between one’s native soil and the rest of the world has always been a theme for Antonio Marras. Through the powerful lens of his personal tradition and his inner legacy, he has always orchestrated figures with a delicate yet tough aura. This dialectic is added to a celebration of intimate connections. This time it was the turn of a lifelong friend, Benedetta Barzini, to be the standard-bearer of a dreamy aesthetic made up of colourful fur, mid-calf length skirts with passementerie hems, oversize jumpers, pinstripe jackets and military parkas with gold inflorescence, black roses on flared tunics. The couture silhouette came with elongated, fluid lines and egg shapes for deep blue pea coats with symmetrical art deco motifs. The colours ranged from powder pink to crimson, gold to amaranth. Strips of fabric, portions of powder pink velvet dress opened to reveal dark heavy silk – producing that indeterminacy and unpredictability surrounding accepting thinking.