Poetic, nostalgic. Antonio Marras drew inspiration from the story of Flaminio, the father of Italian painter Amedeo Modigliani, who had mining interests in Sardinia. Amedeo moved to the island for a few years, living alongside the miners and falling in love with the place. The collection celebrated Sunday, when the workers enjoyed some leisure time and wore their best clothes. The show had a humble, simple elegance: fabrics were patched and mended. Lace, brocade, satin and embroideries were amalgamated in apparent disorder and disharmony. The tights featured a female face drawn by Marras and inspired by Medea, a young Sardinian woman who Amedeo Modigliani met, loved and painted. Dresses and parkas had a retro elegance. The poetic knitwear featured melancholic intarsia of faces, roses and foliage, silver buds, crystals and minute pearls.