Antonio Marras chose to tell a story. The emotional climate for the new season came in sealing wax red and anthracite. Following his own personal alphabet, the designer offered an imaginary journey, a story of migration. Romantic protagonists paraded in floral dresses in burnt-out velvet, with layers of tulle and lace, draping and white lapels. This was a femininity filled with hope. The clothes were imbued with memories, the more austere fabrics were brightened with fiery red flashes and masculine elements migrated into the more feminine pieces. Prince of Wales was embellished with embroidery. Knitwear, borrowed from the ancestors, featured intarsia lace. The American dream was expressed in sweatshirts with college-style lettering. It was an allegory for a journey that had ethereal creatures in dreamy dresses featuring clusters of bright embroidery. A fresco of ink, soot grey, sky and smoke.