In a garage, a team of people tore pieces from an enormous bolt of paper before adding them to a sculpture of a tree. While this was going on, Andreas Kronthaler’s co-ed show for Vivienne Westwood had models parading on a skateboard or scooter. This show included all the references that fans of Dame Vivienne Westwood’s label are used to, from Dirndl to oversize tailoring to unisex pieces, with the addition of influences ranging from Jessica Fulford-Dobson’s ‘Skate Girls of Kabul’ photography and the catalogue for this April’s auction of items from the pre-refurbishment Ritz hotel in Paris. There was a chair-shaped hat and a tea tray built into a peplum dress. Other pieces ranged from draped, asymmetric dresses to tracksuits, corsets to printed T-shirts, while a recurring equine print was worn by Westwood when she took a bow with her husband at the end of the show.