Andreas Kronthaler often takes the time to remember his student days at Vienna’s University of Applied Arts, not so much for his studies as for the explosive encounter with his future wife, Vivienne Westwood. He said she looked like a ‘superwoman’ and this show was a sort of declaration of love from the creative director of Kronthaler for Westwood to her. The style was pure Dame Viv, with lots of gender fluidity and mixing driven by destructured pieces and flashes of different eras and styles – some monastic, some carnivalesque or Tirol peasant. In short, all the Westwood repertoire: asymmetric dresses with ruches and draping, patterned suits with statement shoulders, super-sexy mini-dresses, frayed knitwear, enormous headpieces and the famous phallic symbols hanging from belts or used as earrings, which is all part of the 30-year-long artistic and love partnership shared by the two designers.