Alexis Mabille staged his latest presentation on the upper terrace of the Cité de l’architecture & du patrimoine against the backdrop of a foreboding Paris sky and the Eiffel Tower. The model wore a reflective shield over her face like a giant mirrored sunglass. The intention was to create an atmosphere somewhere between surreal and science-fiction, in clear contrast with the clothes, which spanned daywear to evening dresses in mainly neutral colours interspersed with flashes of bold colour like yellow emphasised against the silky surfaces. Some looks were dominated by shirting stripes, some all over, such as a sleeveless mini-dress or a high-necked little jacket with teardrop opening over a pleated skirt. There were tops and dresses with drop shoulders, white shirts with upturned triangular cut-outs on the back, floral lace trousers and a lace-trimmed slip dress that peeked out under the hem of several looks.