The 21st floor of Four Times Square, Condé Nast’s old headquarters, was the site of Alexander Wang’s show and the place the designer began his career as an intern. But this choice was not so much about returning to his roots as it was about “asserting the seriousness of his intentions”, which are about wanting to dress like a CEO even when you aren’t one. This was clear to see in the ‘CEO 2018’ silver lettering on a white shirt worn with a turtleneck and branded black leggings. Branding and lettering were a constant feature throughout the show, contrasting on leggings, track pants, jumpsuits and the elastics of underwear. Less informal looks, such as blazer-dresses and sheaths shot through with zips that formed handcuff-shaped pockets, featured fewer logos. Wraparound sunglasses, almost constant all-black looks and the shine provided by metallic details recalled the science fiction film ‘Matrix’.