Alberta Ferretti offered a sensual, dark soul for a strong, confident woman. The result was more bewitching, less ethereal and more seductive than her customary collections. Charismatic and free – perfectly interpreting the current times. Black leather, denim and silk were the main materials, accompanied by evocative, nocturnal elements packed with charm and mystery. Denim jumpsuits, studded hats, gaucho trousers, feather bombers, oversize cloaks, nude look shirts, glossy mini-dresses. The belts, buckles, high waist and big shoulders gave an eighties feel to the show. Evening wear featured the first glimmers of dawn, bright transparencies, and black organza tinged with metallic reflections. Mini-dresses were embellished with big silver sequins. Long, impalpable evening dresses were shot through with gold. Studs marked out edges and contours to draw attention to the silhouette. All-black looks veered towards colour, with shades of steel blue, purple, olive green and rust.