Impeccable, refined, fairy tale-like. Albino Teodoro chose colour. Emerald, aquamarine, fuchsia, magenta, midnight blue. He composed a sophisticated collection of poetic tailoring. Soft outerwear with big sleeves featured heraldic, regal prints inspired by the haute couture tradition. Brightly-coloured suits and pea coats in brushed wool were precisely cut into clean lines like new hyper-feminine uniforms. Trenches were very long and padded and worn over tonal tunics cinched with a thin belt. Lyrical dresses had big drapes, gathers and asymmetry. Elsewhere smoother, ankle-length columns came in pure white with high slits on the sleeves and a high turtleneck. Totemic, ink-coloured black dresses had clean, understated, linear shapes. Mini-dresses and suits featured sculptural sleeves. A collection full of elegance and charm.