An Vandevorst and Filip Arickx’s brides were immaculate and unconventional. They walked innocently to the alter with a bouquet of flowers and a lace balaclava. Black trousers were worn under a long silky skirt and cycling shorts under a puff sleeved formal mini-dress. Heads were veiled and waists and chests cinched by belts with metal buckles. Trains were asymmetric and tulle flounces slid to the feet, in the vein of deconstructed ceremonial dress. The show depicted the ritual and tradition of mothers passing their wedding gown to their daughters. Vintage dresses were freely reworked, cut and assembled with printed T-shirts, tight jumpsuits and streetwear fabrics. Sweatshirts had lace insets and embroidery. Outfits were embellished with studs and beads. Satin was the main fabric used in all ceremonial shades of white, ivory and pearl with touches of mould green and black.