Showdetails S.r.l. began operations in 2005 with the publication of paper magazines specialising in international fashion collections.

Over the years it has gradually increased the number of titles it produces, pursuing a line of development constantly aimed at affirming the publisher as the international leader in the professional fashion industry.

It subsequently launched its own website, app and social network to supplement its publications and enable it to expand and consolidate consensus amongst fashion professionals, offering a high-quality information service free of charge.

To date, its paper publications and online activities cover men’s and womenswear runway reports from Milan, Paris, New York, London, Florence, etc..

In the last few years, the publisher has also diversified into the production of monographs on major designers in the fashion history and market.


Showdetails Magazine

Showdetails is the magazine that zooms in on the runway, providing the very first look at the details that ‘make the difference’ in the new women’s and men’s clothing and accessories collections. Lines, materials, fabrics, prints, accessories, lace, embroidery, passementerie, cuts, buttons, zips, appliqués and every detail from the looks fresh off the runway – seen up close.

Riser-branded Showdetails editions, which have an extremely rapid release, focus instead on the best full garments on the international runways.


Showdetails Web is a latest generation web magazine with over 3,000,000 certified pages visited per year allowing visitors to work with and research the most important international fashion collections for men and women.

But is also an e-commerce platform selling the best professional titles for fashion research, which is much used by international companies and professionals.


Showdetails App

To date, it is the only app that shows the major international collections in real time on iOS and Android. Over 20,000 fashion professionals use it regularly for its immediacy and convenience.


Showdetails Social Media

Our social media profiles, on Facebook and Instagram, provide cutting-edge information on the professional fashion system. Every day, we publish extracts from our magazines and ad hoc content about the most interesting collections as well as creative inspiration.


Showdetails Newsletter

Don’t miss the latest news, stay updated on the publisher’s promotions, receive updates on the most important trends from international fashion collections with ad hoc content: the Showdetails newsletter is a super-handy tool for fashion professionals.