Balanced. Between Victoriana and the Bauhaus. Between celebrating decoration and simple shapes. Between decorativism and functionality. Mary Katrantzou skilfully mixed antithetical elements, overcoming the contrast between them and finding a connection. She created hybrid works with a strong evocative component. Collages mixed colours, dates and places, “1919 – 2019 Weimar Dessau”, and embroidery reminiscent of William Morris wallpaper. The show featured an array of inspirations. The bomber reworked the Chesterfield sofa. Dresses, corsets and coats featured new Gobelins tapestries. Even divisionist paintings were referenced on pastel-coloured dresses, where the dots of paint were made in glass beads. The collection reverberated with light, between lampshade shapes and velvet and sparkling creations, like Victorian curtains with a trompe-l’oeil effect. A blending and mixing of references. A vocation in harmony with the elements.