All the outfits of the Chanel fashion shows 2001>2010

She, of humble and homeless descent, brought up in an orphanage, always the lover and never the wife of her life companions. Frenchwoman tout court, clothing revolutionary, protagonist of amazing successes and failures. He, from Hamburg, the son of a condensed milk tycoon; enfant gâté, he tells of his birth in a castle with numerous servants, of having demanded a valet at the age of four and, a little later, a different bicycle every day of the week. Never ridden on public transport or been to a supermarket, always at the very apex of the fashion world, never made a wrong move in over seventy years.
Genetically speaking, Coco (Gabrielle) Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld could not be more different, nor did they ever meet. Nonetheless, never more than in their case was the latter able to “reinvent” the former in such a way that Chanel has lost none of its instant recognisability.
If Mademoiselle shocked the jeunesse dorée of the early 20th century in the country residence of her noble bel ami by wearing men’s cardigans and trousers, in 2004 Lagerfeld, in his gold stuccoed rooms at his Parisian Hotel Particulier, designed a collection for high street chain H&M, scandalising the haute couture world, while setting a successful precedent for many other designers…..